No more hassle to get your files in the right place

Instantly transfer files between all kinds of devices. You can use Qruplo to share and receive documents, photos, and more with any device of your own or someone else's. Get early access to be one of the first to use our new tool! 



How often do you struggle getting your files at the place where you need them? Sometimes you need a file from your phone or another device. It always seems to be a struggle to get the files where you directly want them to be. With Qruplo you no longer have to email the files and you no longer have to wait till your cloud storage is synced.  Simply set up a connection with any other device and immediately transfer files from device to device!


Easily transfer files between any device amazingly fast!

Share your link or QR code to exchange files with others

100% privacy focused

Soon we will launch our brand new tool

We can't wait to share Qruplo with you. Early access invitations are rolling out soon, so make sure to be ready to use it among the first.


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